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Thinking global

The Innovation Forum seeks to promote innovation by building bridges between academia, industry and government and linking innovative minds across disciplines. The Innovation Forum is a global network of innovative companies, entrepreneurs, investors, researchers and policy makers with branches in Europe, Asia and North America. This gives us the unique ability to think and act in an international, cross-cultural context and enable global synergies for our members and partners.

Acting local

Levaraging the existing local ecosystem

Innovation Forum Lausanne brings together students from the Swiss Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL) with its very diverse science and engineering programmes, the University of Lausanne with its highly rated Faculty of Business and Economics (HEC) as well as its solid fundamental social and natural sciences, the International Institute for Management Development (IMD) with MBA programmes regularly ranking amongst the international top three and finally, the École hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL) which is currently the world’s top hospitality management school.
...to forward the innovations of tomorrow

  • Facilitating the interaction of local talents with diverse academic and industrial backgrounds, to encourage them to think out of the box and dream together, thus allowing them to come up with interdisciplinary innovations for a sustainable future.
  • Forwarding and promoting the innovations of tomorrow towards industry, investors and policy makers within the entire Innovation Forum network, thereby accelerating the appearance of Lausanne’s disruptive technologies on the global scene.
  • Empowering and inspiring innovative minds by actively integrating the world of arts and music, thereby fostering an environment in which the new and unknown can be embraced with an open mind.

Our team

Manuel Fankhauser


PhD student in tumour immunology, EPFL

Sandra Sulser


InnoPACTT Fellow, University of Lausanne

Beatrice Volpe


PhD student in immunology, EPFL

Christopher Tremblay


Master student in bioengineering, EPFL

Maria Broggi

Director of Startup and Industry Liaisons

Postodoctoral scientist in tumor immunology, EPFL

Olga Gusyatiner

Director of Sponsorship

PhD student in oncology, UNIL

Cara Buchanan

Director of PR & Marketing

Postdoctoral scientist in bioengineering, EPFL

Iolanda Tomiuc

Director of HR & Internal Communications

Master student in German and Spanish languages, UNIL

Céline Schmuziger

Senior Project Manager

Master in medical biology, UNIL

Carlos Ciller

Senior Project Manager

PhD student in medical imaging, UNIL-UniBe

Elisa Carenza

Senior Project Manager

Clinical Research Assistant, Addex Therapeutics

Maria Kuleshova

Junior Project Manager

MSc Student in Management, Technology & Entrepreneurship, EPFL

Stefania Dimitrakopoulou

Member, ex Director of PR & Marketing

Master in management, HEC Lausanne

Alberto Hernandez

Member, ex Vice-President

Master in bioengineering, EPFL

Isabella Costantino

Member, ex Marketing & Sponsorship

Master in management, HEC Lausanne

Our advisory board

Do you like what we do? Become our longterm partner.

Please contact us via lausanne@inno-forum.org to learn more about our partnership opportunities.
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